Hell no pt3

Oh hello.

It’s Jon Doe.

Down low but I ain’t losin control.

Wear me a noose but I’m tippin on toes.

Head’s above water I’m keepin composed.

Cutting it close this con knows.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

More than I can count, too many missed takes.

Got me stuck in this place.

Eating fish cakes and biscuits.

If the walls were any softer,

you’d see how many holes this fist makes.

Look closer and it spells “J was here”.

Past tense while I leave behind the fear.

I’m not a product of the system.

Even if I have to, I’ll crawl out of this prison.

Hands and knees I’ll call out for the wisdom.

Jon Lau / 3 Aug 2022

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