Need some help

I need some help here please.
Bout to roll the dice n it’s a huge risk.
There’s a gaping hole n I hope this pen fills this.
Being in the present got me feeling like it’s Christmas.
But these whispers
got me putting my fist first
into walls that are painted with riddles.
Fuck a stalemate I’m making ripples.
I’m whipping pistols
And it’s clear like crystal.
No meth it’s pure method
On the grind imma smash em with mallets.
I’m no man of steel,
But it’s the law of attraction and I’m a magnet.
Now lemme put this on record.
These wreck hurts,
But I ain’t one to be scared of purge.
I scratched dirt at rock bottom,
Now the only way is up and imma stalk em.

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