Brainstorm 4

Lemme speak my mind.

Give you my 2 cents, watch me split this dime.

Tying up loose ends while I spit this rhyme.

I’m tryna seek a sign.

I’m praying dear God for the grit to grind.

The devil in this playground got me weak in mind.

I realize the need to realign.

Focus on the Alpha and not the bets when I read a line.

Help me to see it through when I lead the blind.

I don’t wanna live a lie.

Don’t lemme breathe for myself, I wanna lift a life.

I wanna stand in truth, lemme leave a light.

I don’t ever wanna be a lookalike.

I’m perfect in your eyes I know I look alright.

Jon Lau- 19 April 2022

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