If you just passin but panting and gassin’,

hope this be the spark that ignites your gasoline.

Light up no second guessin’.

Gotto quit messin’ with the past and, tap into the present wrestlin’.

The future doesn’t grip me I go slippin’ like vaseline.

Pop you a pill and sleep in the fast lane. Then go numb and lose control crashin’.

Found dumb like who’s gon’ know the questions to the answers that got you gypsies gaspin’?

And who’s askin? We just children bouncin’ on death beds, dancin’ like its destined.

Layin’ there raspin’ lookin for an aspirin, regretting all that has been, realising we been less than.

We gotta hold on to what’s real and never stop confessin’. The spirit surreal he be manifestin’.

Don’t pivot and reel, just go castin’. Perceive it and feel, his lovin’ arms gesturin’.

Trust in him. I know it hurts but you gotta will yourself.

Keep rolling till your wheels fall out. Look to the mountains even the hills call out.

Stop lookin’ down these feedbacks they be cripplin’.

Just look around your surround these shitbags no equivalent.

Hit back, get your feet back on the ground, equilibrium.

Quit limpin’, you’re not lame you filled with wisdom.

Why you pimpin’, change lanes and jet like a piston.

Don’t hold back, not even for a pot to piss in.

You in prison and you thinkin “this is life” but it isn’t.

Gotta look at what you have not what is missin’.

A thought you gotta hold that, make it life’s mission.

Let’s call it a rap shall we? Its never over like boom bap.

There’s people dyin’ to adapt. Covid’s got us thrashed and breathin’ in a bag.

So you be the wisemen, I’ll just be here bystand, will take your advice and, put it by my nightstand.

So even in my sleep it kinda shows you where I stand.

Look at my posture. You said its preposterous.

Now I’m bendin’ outta proportion like a performance.

Your words got my posterior burning like phosphorus.

Got me churnin’ fillin’ ashes in an urn so anonymous.

Movin’ on to the next cos I tossed the first. Need ’em extra hands get an octopus.

Or call a nurse. Hate me a doctor, his talk’s a curse. He’s got a toxic verse.

Payin’ just to hear him sing something’s wrong with us.

Made me broke you’d think I lost a purse. And I am not the first.

I’m speakin’ for the people who are lost in thirst. It’s got you off course delirious, so you plot your hearse.

I feel your pain, I know its torturous. Listen up if you on the verge.

Take a step back, ponder first. Fix your eyes on the light, not the ominous.

Can’t run from the dark it’s a shadow latched on to us.

Hidden in the hearts of every one of us. Heed not the words of the venomous.

Them talks poisonous, buildin’ their city with animous.

Gotta tear down disbelief usin’ hands and gloves.

Demolishin’ scrapers, abolishin’ statements, I’m haulin’ these pavements, then go polishin’.

Throw my back I’m all in, then go pick it up like it’s a callin’, conversin’ with the one sovereign.

Not botherin’ with your yawn and tauntin’.

Yall tossin’ eggs I don’t catch- quit hollerin’, I’m not in.

You can’t cross cos it goes beyond my understanding noddin’.

  • Jon lau 13 Oct 2021

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