Passionate pessimist

It’s nightfall, or at least it festers till daybreak.

Beyond my understanding -That’s an understatement.

Don’t see anything that passes these drapes.

Curtains so still, so certain – bars that hang.

Look closely, you’d see a serpent – bare it’s fangs.

Crooked Carpets like the Ironed Curtain – a barren land.

Hard and stone cold, sapping bones brittle.

Doesn’t matter your age, you sleep fetal.

In here, an infant – infinitely. Till you out there – indefinitely.

My Thoughts r vivid, so explicit, there’s no other cos I don’t mimic.

Makes you livid, or leave it, it’s how you perceive it.

See, if you’re undecided, you best pivot.

For the unbeliever, stat, believe it

Cut me and look, it’s fact,

I bleed it I sowed weeds and I was trippin

Now I plant seeds and I’m reapin it

A frog that goes leapin and ribbit

-Jon Lau 15 July 2021

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