Okay, i know, im a weirdo.

Would like to be a macho

But i know i aint much though.

Might seem a lil queer too.

Might have a lil tear flow.

But dont call me weepy thats a low blow.

Just pass it off as sweat from my brow.

Nope my eyes arent red, i aint high now.

I used to be a cherry chirpy cheer, Sunny side’s always up.

Pancakes on sundays with aunt mays syrup.

Now im a little captain crunch creep, A sunny side with egg shells.

Cash me at the counter buyin what hate sells.

I’m enraged, these days no one engages.

Tuckin tails like dogs in cages.

Notice the tell tales, glocks and 12gauges.

It fazes me how they jus flip thru my pages,

Amazes me how they smile in my face

But put a mile in between like I’m waste.

I start to believe that lie so much that i taste it.

External hate turned invasive.

Starts to hurt, abrasive.

Internally i boil and coil like a snake.

Nocturnal, like a Boa constricting till i suffocate.

You stuffed me into a crate and then starved me,

taking my weight, made me wait and threw me in like bait.

I said wait! Hold up! I aint sleepin here i didnt make this bed!

Well now its a little too late.

Coulda counted on me but now you counting the dead.

-Jon Lau 13 Aug 2020