Yeah said I’m monotone

When I’m on the phone

I’ll sell you to sleep

When I’m on a roll

Yea I’m on a roll

Cos i cut corners

Skip the verse and jump straight for the chorus.

You think me odd cos my pitch is even.

You take the absence of tone for lack of experience.

But as you listen on, you wonder whats wrong,

that you’d actually find this appealing.

Where’s he going? What’s he selling?

I honestly don’t know but it sure is compelling.

Cos this dialogue’s diabolic.

Like diabetic’s blood sugar it skyrockets.

So sayonara, goodbye profits.

I’d wave but my hands are in side pockets.

So while you sign contracts,

I keep mum cos I’m a silent accomplice.

I have no idea what the actual cost is.

Behind cell dockets there’s no sign on my office.

You could’ve hung up on me,

now there’s not even a chance to pause this.

Yeah said I’m monotone

When I’m on the phone

Sell you to sleep

When I’m on a roll

OK this one’s cross sell.

How it works, you preach it like it’s gospel.

Make em believe you can bring the cost down.

Said there’s no doubt.

But if there are shadows I’ll kick the doors down.

Ho ho santa’s come early this x mas.

I’ll promise you the world like I’m sellin you an atlas.

Trust me I’ve had plenty of practice.

Voices in my head tell me I’m accustomed to the madness.

That’s why I’m reckless while I’m at this.

Cruisin through life maybe that’s why i crashed it.

Went up in flames like the tip of a matchstick.

Guess that’s how this white lamb became a black sheep.

A dollar for everytime i fell, that’s why the stack’s thick.

Irony isn’t lost cos I’m payin for it, reading off a sad script.

Like a T-rex about to relapse in Jurassic(pshyc!)

Now everyone’s rushing for the exits(tight!)

Yeah said I’m monotone

When I’m on the phone

I’ll sell you to sleep

When I’m on a roll

Jon Lau/ 8 April 2023

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