What Would Jon Do


He’s tired of the bad rhymes.

Needs to take the leap before his debt climbs.

He isn’t that blind.

He sees the grass is greener with grape vines.

What Would Jon Do?

Can’t walk on water could he turn it to wine?

Brought out the noose

But then the idiot went and forgot the stool.

Is he constipated?

Refusing to pass out now everyone’s graduated.

So he reaches up his asshole,

to see how far up his hands will go.

Tryna find the guts to let go

of these silly habits but he lacks the backbone.

A jelly fishing among the sharks on a bad loan.

And now he’s drowning in debt.

Dimes a dozen and he’s mind’s a puzzle.

Can’t understand what defines a person.

Human being and being human.

Not the simple act of transplant or transfusion.

He’s looking for change,

reaching into his pockets

Only to find his knowledge is a book with no page.

He’s trying to make cents

but he’s got the wrong currency.

A clueless foreigner in his own country.

7 Jan 2023 Jon Lau

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