This Old Man : 3

Oh man.

Part three of this dialogue,

and you wondering when he’s gon tie the knot.

Said he writes the plot,

but how dare he skip his death in the epilogue.

Enough already with this old man.

It seems like ages ago,

when he said he’d show them.

“Ha, what a joke, mate!”

Said he found freedom,

but lost the keys to his own head!

He’s been in the system so long

now he’s part of the program.

Made peace with the matrix,

but there’s still a war in his soul, damn.

He wants to sing his heart out

but conscious to the fact that he’s tone deaf.

Hates the voices and hes told them,

“I’m just a regular joe, man”.

Leave me the fuck alone man!

He finds peace when he wanders,

and its no wonder he’s a nomad.

Never settling in the desert

and that’s his definition of progress.

A murder of crows circling,

but still chases the hope of a promise land.

16 Dec 22 Jon Lau

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