Hey mom, hey Dad

Just thinking about reasons.

I thought that if i just

wrote some lines,

and you know, make em rhyme,

I could let some of my problems vaporise.

But that’s not how it works though.

Precipitation occurs,

and i guess it’s why the words flow.

Be like water, said Bruce Lee.

Brilliant words, now that’s truespeak.

Drop the anchor and remove this noose please.

The thought of death just gives me loose knees.

I mean, don’t you think it’s rash and foolish?

Dying without really knowing who i am, like who’s this?

Well I guess I’m facing the music.

Its amusing how I woke up this morning

but still running from my monsters, am I lucid?

Thought really hard about these words I wrote

But now I’m thinking it’s stupid.

See it’s confusing.

And all i wanna do is sing

But I’m staring at bars

that have no melody it’s depressing.

Me and God’s gonna sit and write my future.

He told me it is bright but my shadows tell me it’s futile.

And my sights diminishin.

But I’m keeping my eyes on the light with tunnel vision.

That’s optimism, but it goes both ways.

Glass half full when you know it really isn’t.

But I’m a winner, not a whiner.

I am a miracle, just cos it aint red, it’s white wine, duh.

And a reminder, I’m such a flight risk –

Over the moon that I put the buzz in lightyear.

So Lord I pray you give me a reason to rhyme yeah?

Lord give me a reason to rhyme.

And between the lines and verses,

maybe there I’ll find a purpose.

Yea a meaning in life, more than just satisfying my urges.

A little more perseverance.

The patience to be the product and not just seek to purchase.

Even when the Mondays are mundane,

that it gives me the strength I’m prayin

to beat my path like it’s my craft and not stray from my lane.

And hey I’m just like everyone else battling their demons.

It isn’t about the four walls

and the blue doors that make this prison.

It’s about breaking out of these thoughts, now that’s freedom.

So I’m rhyming yeah, but what are the reasons?

21 Feb 2023 Jon Lau

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