Highs and lows

How do I love when I don’t love myself?
How do I break free from this addiction when I love this cell?
I’m looking for heaven but lately it seems I’m happy walking thru hell.
They sellin me lies and I’m grabbing them like it’s products off the shelf.
Im trying to deal with anxiety
but society isn’t helping much I’m suffering silently sitting in the corner so quietly.
Man I hate sobriety when I’m low I just wanna be high and when I’m high I just wanna be low, yo isn’t that such irony.
It’s tiring spinning in circles like a broken record and like everyone else I’m just hoping for acceptance
and the lack of it saddens me yet the company I keep maddens,
they said this is life and shit happens. I really hope this stops when I reach heaven.
But bitch you haven’t, so suck it up and count to eleven.
I’m talking about air and the extra second isn’t irrelevant,
it’s to remind you that you could always take a second more to search for evidence and not be suicidal jumping to conclusions.

Jon Lau / 22 sept 2022

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