Something inside me

I swear there’s something inside me.
It’s just sitting, waiting so quietly.
I’m tryna ingore the elephant in this room but it’s so tiring.
I hate the stares so I take the stairs, now my quads are firing.
My gas is running low even though I’ve been idling.
And the ride that I am in is breaking down, this a marathon but I’m no ironman.
This gaping wound hurts where’s the fucking iodine?
Man I think I’m a little unsound.
I’m tryna calm down, but when the sun’s down,
I get a little choked up like my tongue’s round.
If that sounds like a joke it’s cos I’m that dumb clown.
Been trying to hide that, guess now I’ve been found out.
I’m talking behind my own back cos I got a foul mouth.
Oh so you got a frown now?
Yeah I see you but I ain’t gon bow down.
I got the heart of a rebel man, my style’s wild.

Jon Lau / 16 sept 2022

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