My path

“Something’s wrong with jon.
Locked in his room with his curtains drawn.
It must be that porn.
Or whatever grass he’s smoking,
he definitely ain’t mowing that lawn.”
But you see this chef is cooking up a storm.
I’m taking all the hate then go and make me a song.
Just to pick me up, so I sit and I plot.
On these benches with strangers and the only friend I have is God.
They don’t get me, I wanna shout so badly.
And sadly, I’m on the same road
but my steps quick, I pack heat,
Get out of my way fore I run you over with a stampede.
No abortion on this mission cos I planned it.
You’re a hater cos you don’t understand it.
My horses they comin man imma ‘stang it.
I’m quiet cos I’m thinking
And you’re blabbering cos you drinkin.
I’ll pave my own path, stayin off yours cos it’s beaten.
You can go first man I ain’t competing.
I’ll stay in my path and I’ll stay committed.
And when I feel down and lost, I’ll just come read it.
Spit on my wounds then I lick it.
It ain’t pretty, its prickly, this surgery can get quite tricky.
But that’s the only way man when these ppl just wanna bleed me.

Jon Lau /15 sept 2022

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