Familiar Road

I know where this road goes.
Don’t need to be dead to see circling crows.
Moshpits above where’s the crowd control?
Feels like I’m alone in the centre of this storm.
Enemies comin at me in every direction.
But I can’t see em, guess they on a diff dimension.
So better pay attention,
stand firm like an erection.
Look, did He not mention?
This war we fighting ain’t physical, it’s spiritual.
That’s critical, fighting blind while these fiends roam.
I said please don’t, push me cause I’m about to whip my pistol.
I’m pissed off and the only way through is to be strong. And be real, let em feel it like it’s grail.
I’m no picasso, but I got my God so, I’ll trust in Him while He takes me thru the cosmos.

Jon Lau / 10 September 2022

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