Looking Back

Look mom, look Dad. Let’s look back.

It’s been a long road let’s back track.

Those times I talked about change, I really meant that.

Or did I? Cos if I really did, would I have went back?

Took yall for a ride, roller coastin till I crashed that.

Ups and downs, gave yall such bad necks.

Heard they puttin junkies in trash bags.

But that’s not where I belong, lemme stress that.

Despite havin the best, my God, I’ve been blessed.

Like hachoo, look at my mess.

I’m sorry. I’ve been the villian in this story.

My heart is ill and my will is frail.

I’m looking for the strength to resist this devil and his deal.

Need to stay sharp and focused.

My thoughts my blade, now I know this.

It cuts, don’t you see how deep this hole is?

25 Jan 2022, Jon Lau

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