Brain Storm:

Tell me, why is it I care so much about the opinions of mere mortals?

Why do I recycle this addiction with empty beer bottles?

Dried of liquid but still I lick it.

Its like I’m afraid to leave it, so I live it.

A livid nightmare. In a blink, I’m right there.

Their stares are cold like ice, these walls are white bare.

What do I fear bad?

What gets me real mad?

Pick up a 9 mil and wield that?

This life I live it once so why am I livin it like roulette?

Can’t undo it.

This trigger once I pull it, I can’t pull back.

It’s a noose I wear it like a crew neck.

It’s a little too loose so lemme screw that.

Feeling reckless,

I’m at risk when I wrap this.

Attack this,

Go boom like a baptist.

I beat on this craft, it’s all practice.

See its a ship, I’ve wrecked this.

Been pulling at wisdom like a dentist.

Gone broke.

Been paying attention, this lesson’s intensive.

1 Feb 2022, Jon Lau

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