A young blood, no veteran.

But I fight these wars for a better land.

My spirit’s a ram, its batterin’

I spill it in these battles that never end.

This is Neverland and I’m the Taliban,

blowin’ these minds, its heads I’m severin’.

So unsettling. These words are my jam,

and I’m spreadin’ them like Letterman.

Its fuel, an accelerant.

These fumes ascendin’ got the view of a centreman.

This a shipwreck. I’m watchin yall sink while I sit back.

Cons are poppin’, they seem mad.

Trust me I’ve seen bad, but yall floatin’ like shitbags.

Frolicking the shallows makin it stink bad.

I smell it right here from the seabed.

What a dilemma,

can’t stand to watch this ain’t cinema.

I’ve seen enough to know this ain’t similar.

Fully grown sippin’ on Similec,

so embarrassin how you sit with that?

It’s so absurd, how you surfin’ the surface but you barely scratch it.

Got an itch but you glitch with your gadgets.

Can’t catch it cos you twitch when there’s static.

Ecstatic to pitch but you don’t, you just fetch it, it’s pathetic.

I don’t recognize but I see you.

You antagonize but I see through.

You’re the devil in the details so delicate.

Displayin’ them decals the beast sells, a silhouette.

You so fake, a figment there’s no weight.

Yet my fear isn’t fiction, there’s a friction so great.

– 14 Nov 2021 Jon Lau

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