A Pound

I’m amazin’. So calm I’m a comet blazin’.

Come at you like I’m kamikaze crazy.

Got you raisin blinds cos your eyes are hazy, you’re kinda lazy.

Blowin’ roofs off plateaus when I break it down constantly.

It’s karma maybe. For all the times you’ve been condescendin’.

Talkin down to me with a frown look at me now I’m ascending.

Every step I take I plough with intention.

Elevate with such power when I dance.

Made mistakes but I’m proud in a sense I’m allowed to make ’em.

Sit ’em down every once in awhile and learn what I can.

And now I understand. I’m empowered by your hands.

Been with me all this while, what a friend.

Wow I’m a fan. Feed me and I’ll devour it where I stand.

Countin’ down the hours I’ve got a plan.

Never gonna bow and cower again.

The sound of my heart beatin’ on my craft is a pound, not a gram.

-Jon Lau, 25 Oct 2021

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