The edge

Please, don’t push me. You can use it.

I’ll move off this platform just for your amusement.

Its magic and ill prove it. Disappearing into thin air like i poofed it.

I’ll step off my thoughts and catch this train like I’m losing it.

Got to be honest, standing on this edge I’ve never been more lucid.

Death has never sounded so acoustic, my mind has never appreciated such music.

My feet’s startin’ to sweat, glad I wore shoes on a Tuesday.

Let me explain, I can’t give you two but I’ll give you a few cents,

it’s not nonsense from newstands.

I can’t face you in this tug of war so i tag along like a nuisance.

So you drag me along and it feels like this noose is never loosening.

Why are you guys so hurtful? Is it a part of a wager to be abusive?

Your rebuking has got me going against nature as a reclusive.

If you hate me so much, don’t smile cos its confusing.

So now I’m thinking that being around for another day isn’t so conducive.

I’ve tried mixing pills and booze but it wasn’t conclusive.

Tried sitting in pews but I just kept snoozing.

I’m really scared. I can’t go through with this.

But what choice do i have i gotto do this.

Been knockin’ on doors but who’s in ’em?

Been calling for God but who’s seen him?

Please, will someone see through these eyes?

I have a smile that says I’m fine but you have to know, its a disguise,

so thoroughly filled with lies.

I don’t need someone to sympathize, but more like synchronize,

tread these waters with me before i sink and die,

can’t you see that I am so sick and tired of waiting for this sea to dry?

Listen to these words, really listen to it.

Don’t just read it and leave it as a blue tick.

Between these lines there’s a clue in it.

My tongue is out, hear me and review it.

My thumb’s up, you don’t have to like it but just don’t rear view it.

Hitch this soul and steer to it.

-Jon Lau 11 Sept 2021

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