Tossed by Waves

Some days the waves get a little crazy.

The sun stays a little hazy.

Dawn is dusky and my disguises get a little too heavy.

They are more than momentary.

Like those adverts that flicker on my tele, my vision barely tallies.

Please pardon my dreams I’m a visionary, with a tunnel vision thats scary,

makin sharp incisions with vocabulary.

Could be cute without the E, better be wary.

What are the words to describe this part of me? Exquisite.

My vowels are foul cos I’m squeezin it from my bowels, on a gurney, missionary style.

Givin birth to a dictionary like it was bound to be.

Delivering definitions you can count on me,

makin the doctors go wild and weary,

cos it doesn’t sit well in their tummies, they belly believe it “hows he doin it??!”

So now you know, on days when i am barely optimal, its kinda obvious that it’s optional.

You can’t see eye to eye cos the illusion is optical.

I see a glass half full cos I’m primed, like optimist.

Transformin’ it to wine maybe not, Optimus?

I chose it – hopped in this, into a modern day apocalypse.

Like an odd boy’s waist bein made fun of.

So he puts his face in a feast, munchin’ dry walls,

defacing ’em all with his fist.

He’s far from bein a man of bliss,

drinkin’ a can of piss, smokin’ that cannabis,

gettin’ as high as Everest, that’s quite a risk,

well its not the first.

My heads thicker then a den of thieves.

Its a lair of the venomous.

Get a flare, its a dark and ominous.

Pressurized depths abyss.

Beware of the succubus, its a part of us.

To beat it you got to understand it first. Understand its thirst.

Gotta make it scared of us if you wanna break its curse.

-Jon Lau 26 Aug 2021

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