The Storm’s eye

I can do anything when i set my mind to it.

I’ll defy all logic when i value the Lord’s profit.

I am not fit for the cross, dont do crossfit.

Yet he saw fit, and he solved it, Took my sins and dissolved it,

Nailed it all to the cross at his feet. Im no longer a lost misfit,

Was bought at a cost and i believe it.

See it clearly without squinting, no crow’s feet.

I don’t mask for fear of covid, God stands over it.

Tho im weak and walk with a slouch, ill own it.

Every step i take will be sure, no cold feet.

May not understand much, but i trust he knows it.

Not buying the devil’s lies just cos he sold it;

He wears prada, but pardon me im not a part of it.

I’ll stick to cotton, dont concur putting fur on it.

Wont bother with a Ferrari, im far from it.

No fast cars, just scars and im proud of it.

Wont obsess with steering my life God controls it.

Reapin fruits from these thoughts cos he sowes it.

Manifesting visions to life, its like cloning it.

Every action a premonition because He’s known it.

I am no longer a runaway, but i walk a runway.

By his grace I’ll model his light like the sun’s ray.

I’ll do my best tracing his steps, the son’s way.

Taken me too many years to realise there’s only one way.

Pray for the strength not to stray,but stay on that pathway.

Wont count steps, but count on him everyday.

But when the day comes and my legs do give way,

Dear God, please meet me halfway.

Beyond this boyish exterior

there’s a buoyancy in my breath

so still and familiar in the face of death.

Lookin into iris, my eye is

the calm before a storm so silent

And while youre not living not as a man on an island,

its hard to understand the methods of survival inland.

I couldn’t tread lightly like wilson in ‘cast away’

Coulda passed away, pretty sure it wasn’t a test that day.

But I’ve confessed, and accepted the fact i swayed.

And somehow i believe that the less i say,

is for the best, so lest i forget,

I’ll clench my thoughts with this quest.

At times i could get a little exasperated,

leak a little zest, lacerated.

Think its a little stress related.

I am but a cast in ‘Incarcerated’

Watch me you could be fascinated.

Read between my lines, it spells passionate.

Don’t tailgate, Lay off your blast and hate,

I’m low on gas and late.

-Jon Lau 19 July 2021

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